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Friday, March 6

2:30pm EST

Demystifying Photoshop: Tips, Tricks and Workflow
Limited Capacity seats available

Photoshop is such a robust program with so many options that it's hard to know where to begin! In this class Mickie will show you how to get the most out of Photoshop by first teaching a basic workflow, and then demonstrating numerous tips and tricks to speed up your workflow, and gain greater control over editing. You  will be sent some of Mickie’s images prior to class so that you can work alongside Mickie during class, if you so choose. You should have some knowledge of how layers and masking work in Photoshop to get the most out of this class, and bring a laptop to edit alongside Mickie. 

Participants should have some knowledge of how layers and masking work in Photoshop to get the most out of this class and bring a laptop to edit alongside Mickie.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn how to utilize curves in multiple ways to control exposure, contrast, and correct skin tones
- Learn how to use layer masks with other tools in Photoshop to gain better control over their adjustments in a quicker fashion
- Learn to use Blend if sliders and how they can limit effects to the highlights or shadows
- Learn how to access Adobe Camera Raw as a filter in Photoshop so that they can access those tools found in ACR and Lightroom and use a mask to limit their effect


Friday March 6, 2020 2:30pm - 4:00pm EST
Saturday, March 7

2:30pm EST

Editing Your Images For Creative Composites
Limited Capacity seats available

Elevate your photography by adding creative components to your work with Photoshop. Join Divya in this editing class as she covers the simple Photoshop techniques she uses to create her composites. She will cover key things to keep in mind when shooting, and how to seamlessly add people and objects to your work, remove and alter distracting elements, create dimension and depth, and the critical components needed to create a cohesive final image. Go behind the scenes and join Divya in editing several creative images (laptop not required). Divya will provide all the files needed and walk through her editing process from how she starts with a RAW image, and uses the above Photoshop techniques to successfully create a creative composite.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn how to add objects, multiple subjects, and props into a composite and if necessary how to use Photoshop to edit out distracting elements, and swap out components/parts of an image.
- Learn how to edit out distracting elements, and swap out components/parts of an image in Photoshop
- Understand Photoshop tools and techniques to isolate and cut out components, correct for color, add dimension, and ensure consistency


Saturday March 7, 2020 2:30pm - 4:00pm EST
Sunday, March 8

10:30am EDT

Going Mobile: Using The Camera In Your Pocket To Take Beautiful Images
Limited Capacity seats available

Take gorgeous photos using your mobile phone! Join Kristin in a group photo walk where you will only use your mobile phone. Elevate your phone photography with tips on how to evaluate and use light, compose your image within that smaller square, and edit to incorporate your style and vision. Plus, learn how to edit on the move with time saving mobile apps. This will be a fun and creative class, where you will look for, and observe, details and shoot street scenes that include movement and color. iPhone or Android devices preferred.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn how to compose an image using negative space by changing your perspective and keeping it simple
- Learn how to use harsh light, and expose for highlights and details using different modes
- Learn how to look for, and include, shadows, patterns and repetition to create images that grab the viewer's attention
- Learn editing apps and tips for finished imagery

avatar for Kristin Dokoza

Kristin Dokoza

Photographer/Media Production, Kristin Dokoza Photography
Kristin is a child and family photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, known for her unique abilities in capturing light and mood. She believes in the wonder of connection, laughter and love in everyone. Kristin also shoots for a variety of destination hotels and other commercial... Read More →

Sunday March 8, 2020 10:30am - 12:00pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Beyond Basic: The Video Edit that Stands Out
Limited Capacity seats available

Are you familiar with the basics of video editing and want to dig deeper into more creative edits? In this course, Catherine will show you, piece by piece, how she edits her videos in Final Cut Pro X. Not only will she break down the edit of her videos, she will explain why she chooses to edit it the way that she does. It isn't just important to learn how to add a cool effect, but to have reason, and justify the edit in order to be a better storyteller. Catherine will go over opening sequences that have visual impact, transitions, audio and sound effects to enhance your film, and touch on color grading as well. Catherine will take you through one of her previously completed films and dissect it so that you can see exactly how she edited it, as well as edit a 1 minute film from start to finish (Catherine will have clips filmed prior to class). You will not only walk away with a better understanding of how to cut together a creative video edit, but how to use those creative edits to become better storytellers within your own films.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn how to edit a film from start to finish in Final Cut Pro X
- Learn how, when and *why* to use advanced transitions between clips
- Learn the basics of color grading films
- Learn how to match audio with your clips, and how to add sound effects to enhance your storytelling

avatar for Catherine Lubbat

Catherine Lubbat

Photographer, Catherine Lubbat Photography
Mama to three headstrong and brave little girls. Photographer and film maker.

Sunday March 8, 2020 2:00pm - 3:30pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Warmth In Your Edit: Clean And Beautiful Editing in Photoshop And Lightroom
Limited Capacity seats available

During this editing program, Nicole will demonstrate how she achieves beautiful, warm tones in her images, using both Lightroom and Photoshop, while keeping the inherent beauty in the photos. She will show you how she uses the Basic, HSL and other panels in Lightroom to boost and enhance her images. In Photoshop, Nicole likes to focus on curves layers used in multiple ways to really transform and make an image pop. You will receive raw images in advance, and are encouraged to bring your laptop to edit alongside her. She will also address "problems" in images that need correcting (that may include color casts and intense cloning), and guide you through her process in Photoshop.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn editing tips and techniques for specific lighting scenarios
- Learn how to enhance the sky
- Learn how to achieve warmer tones in images
- Learn how to give a little extra pop and depth to your images
- Learn cloning tips


Sunday March 8, 2020 2:00pm - 3:30pm EDT

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